Good morning, everyone,
WARNING: Long vulnerable post coming at you!

As the last several weeks, months, and years of life have gone by, I have faced several big, holy cow kinds of questions that have required my diligence, focus, discomfort, and attention. My emotions are shifting at warp speed, and my brain sometimes feels disconnected and overwhelmed.

I imagine (or maybe hope) I am not the only one; While I don't want anyone else to be experiencing this, I find some comfort in that I may not be alone. To that end, I wanted to share my thoughts and experiences in case this can be helpful for someone else too.

The last few weeks especially, but also on and off for a while, I have felt like I am on a rollercoaster that's running backward. While at first glance this notion may seem kind of fun, I assure you, in my life right now, it is not necessarily as enjoyable as it could be. It feels anxious, frustrating, and like just as I think I am getting accustomed to the directional change and feeling some sense of excitement, the forces of a new kind of up and down change and I am back to feeling strange, confused, out of whack, and sometimes even on the verge of getting sick. UGH.

Enter what I do here at A24x7. I am in an incredible position to interact with people at a level that others may not always be able to, and I can do a lot of "research" about what others experience and the impact our spinning world has on them. And I'm paying attention in a new way to a few things about myself and about others too:

1. We are all trying to do our best, and sometimes, honestly, our best is not great. We are human 'doings', more than human 'beings', so much more frequently than we care to admit. And that's ok. Sometimes all we can offer is "doing", and in the world we've been navigating, most of us are just trying to survive one day to the next. Beingness, really living in our best soul and spirit, is something that happens beyond survival, and many of us are struggling, feeling disconnected from our spirit and purpose. If you feel like you are just barely making it day by day, you are not alone. Come sit by me and we'll have coffee together and talk about what's going on, what we are observing, and what we are feeling.
I do think this is temporary (even a long temporary) and that it will get better. But for today, continue to do the best you can, being graceful with your humanness, forgiving of your mistakes and the mistakes of others, and remembering to breathe. Wise people often say "this too shall pass." Let's do our best while it does.

2. I think "I should know this" or "I thought I had this." Yep - I did and I did! And some days I just don't. For any of you who know me, you know I am perceived as a bit of an expert in DISC, Motivators, etc... SPOILER ALERT: Even I struggle to identify styles sometimes, struggle to respond and adapt appropriately to others, and struggle to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships. And that's really hard. How can I teach and coach people to do something I really struggle to master some days? Well, I'm human too. And, as much as I wish this weren't the case, other humans can be difficult to understand, even on good days. Double UGH.

So if you are like me and finding that the stuff you thought you knew just doesn't always seem right on these days, you are not alone. Come hang out with us and we can talk about the people and situations that completely baffle us, and what about them is a reflection of ourselves and things we value or don't. We can use these moments of questioning to support each other, to determine if we are dealing with an unknown (think something that would fall under abnormal psychology) or something that we just need to see from another angle or get more information about to understand better.

What I know for sure - none of us has any of this figured out all the time. And that's ok. We don't have to, I don't think.
But for today, I will focus on breathing, doing the best I can to make choices that live my own values, and give myself a break when I mess it up (but strive to make it right). I hope you can do the same.