Here are a few Announcements:

NEW TEACHER’S GUIDE FOR KIDS DISC: In collaboration with Take Flight Learning, Assessments 24x7 is proud to offer the "Which Bird Are You?" teacher's guide. This ten-lesson curriculum provides teachers the tools to lead students on a journey as they learn about the four bird styles: Eagle, Parrot, Dove, and Owl. Students will gain an understanding of why each bird is special and discover their bird's superpower! Click here to order the Teacher’s Guide. -

WEBINAR - DR. TONY ALESSANDRA: DISC INSIGHTS FROM 48 YEARS IN THE INDUSTRY(SEPTEMBER 27, 1PM): In this interview-style webinar, Brandon Parker and Dr. Tony will drill down to the most powerful and life-changing of Dr. Tony's DISC stories. Leave this webinar knowing that you have the tools to change lives with your understanding of DISC. Whether you're adapting Dr. Tony's insights or creating stories from your own experiences, developing illustrative narratives offers an exceptional opportunity to connect and communicate with potential clients. Click here to register for the webinar. -

BUSINESS BASICS GUIDE FOR COACHES: This guide, developed by our Chief Coaching Officer, Angie Fairbanks, is a must-read for a better understanding of how to use assessments in your coaching business. Email for your copy