Here's a common question that is asked of our Certification & Training team that some of you might find useful.

Q: What is the scale on the Word Sketches of the DISC report?

A: The scale of 1-6 measures your intensity in each of the DISC styles. The higher the score, the more intense you are in that style, and the more energy you will put into that particular DISC focus; dominating problems and tasks, influencing people, steadying the environment and complying to rules and procedures. The lower the score, the less intense you are in that style and the less energy you will put into the focus of that style. It’s important to pay attention to the energy line between 3 and 4. Scoring above it means you are pushing energy forward into that style and it is therefore expressed behavior/emotion. Below the line, you are pulling energy away and it is therefore concealed style in you.