Never pass on an invitation!
A month ago, I was invited to attend the McKenzie TN Rotary club. Wanting to expand my reach both business wise and within my community, I excepted the invitation and liked the group. Of course, was invited back to the next meeting. Two days later a member of the leadership team contacted me asking if I would consider being their guest speaker next week. Any time I have the opportunity to speak about what Hebert Consulting can do for a business, I am going to accept the invitation. You never know where this might lead to or who will be in the room. After my 20-minute speech, Coach Misty the head coach for Bethel University’s Women’s Soccer team asked me if I would be interested in helping her team better communicate on and off the field and help develop leadership within the team. I have always wanted the opportunity to work with a sports team and accepted the opportunity. In the past two weeks they have identified their individual DISC style, discovered how that affects the team both positive and negative, how to overcome four different languages being spoken both on and off the field, how to communicate to each DISC style and now we are working on our leadership skills. These thirty-five team members and four coaches have made great progress in just two weeks. Coaches have been open to change of approach and communication style to achieving goals and overcome challenges. It is extremely rewording to have an influence on tomorrow’s young leaders. Other rewords to this speaking opportunity, an article in the local paper about what Hebert Consulting does, another speaking opportunity at Paris Rotary and Coach Misty has received a number of phone calls from other coaches asking, “Are you working with a behavioral styles consultant?” News travels fast! And who knows where this might lead! Never pass on opportunities to expand your client base and when someone gives you the gift of free PR, take it and run with the ball!