Sometimes it's interesting to see the lack of understanding about assessments. Thanks, in your Solution-Driven Application webinar, for clearly explaining the difference between personality vs. behavior and test vs. assessment.

There's a great HR person I follow on Linkedin and Facebook. I love most of her advice. But I think she missed the mark badly on this. Here was the question and her response..

Question: Personality tests as part of the hiring process, do you approve or disapprove?

Her answer: Horrible idea. Your personality does not determine whether or not you can do the job, although plenty of vendors still insist that it does. Personality tests are not reliable. They are junk science and should never be used in the hiring process.

Kind of shocking to me. No reflection on how the assessments might be great, but poorly implemented by the untrained or uncertified..

The responses were mixed, but many responders agreed with her. I wish I'd had been able to listen to Jen's presentation before I saw the post. But the good news is that I have it to refer to now!