We can describe DISC styles with a variety of names and characteristics. Sometimes, different descriptions resonate and are easier to remember for certain people.

Some of the most common we see or hear include:

D – Dominance, Assertive, Direct & Guarded, Driver, Director, Fast-paced & Task Oriented, Red Style

I – Influence, Persuasive, Direct & Open, Interactive, Expressive, Socializer, Fast-paced & People Oriented, Yellow Style

S – Steadiness, Supportive, Indirect & Open, Amiable, Relater, Slower paced & People Oriented, Green Style

C – Conscientiousness, Analytical, Indirect & Guarded, Thinker, Slower paced & Task Oriented, Blue Style

As long as the words you are using are accurate and help people understand and remember the styles, you can speak about them in many ways!