What are your thoughts on what these two Motivators graphs might look like?

Scenario: When Wanda sees a homeless person, she wants to give them money. Jeff doesn’t want her to do that because he thinks that person will take advantage of the situation. Wanda feels that it’s not her responsibility to know what they will do with the money, it’s just her responsibility to be kind and do what she can for others. Jeff feels that the money would be better spent elsewhere, where he knows how it will be used. Tension in a relationship comes from what each person values. When Wanda gives, she feels satisfied, but Jeff does not. If she does not, Wanda will feel unsatisfied, but Jeff will feel fine. By becoming aware of our own motivational orientation and learn to identify it in others, we can understand the WHY behind behavior. If Jeff and Wanda can understand where each places value, they can learn to adapt for mutual benefit, rather than get frustrated with each other.