Game Plan = Winning Business

Let’s start by asking, What is a Game Plan? For those of you who watched Super Bowl LV on February 7, 2021, would have seen a good solid plan that was well executed which resulted in the ultimate win in football. That is a game plan.  Taking a strategy and commit to executing to achieve a goal.  The NEW Super Bowl Champions, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, analyzed both the offense and defense of their opponent and put the right strategies and tactics together to execute. The strategy of the defense was to put pressure on the opponent and not to let them score a touchdown.  The strategy of the offense, protect the line to give the quarterback options, to run the ball, or to pass. Every Coach and every player knew their role on every single play of the game.  The Super Bowl Champions followed the game plan and if there were a moment where the plan did not go their way, sure enough, they had a plan, play hard until the whistle blows, stay on your man. The result – the Ultimate WIN!

I ask you, what is your game plan in your business…Here are my Top Tips to help you put your game plan together…

  • TIP # 1 - Mindset – Power of a Positive Mindset. Believe in what you do and more importantly believe in yourself.  Attitude is everything, believe to achieve and surround yourself with positive people and a positive environment. Remove “all” negativity as much as possible: people, news, social media. 
  • TIP # 2 - Intentional – Be intentional in everything you do
    • Where and How you spend your time – emails, tv, social media, what time you will leave the office every day. **TIP - Put a time frame on the areas you need to spend time – 15 min social media, 30 min emails 
    • Being present with those around you and what you are doing
    • Be conscious of your language and how you interact with your family, team, and others
    • What books/magazines/articles/blogs/vlogs/videos you watch that will make an impact or add value to your life and business to bring positivity to your day
    • In your coaching business, marketing, sales, finance, operations, clients
  • TIP # 3 - Goals - USE the SMART system to guide your strategy and create Performance Goals that are…SMART, but PURE and CLEAR.
    • SMART
      • Specific
      • Measurable
      • Achievable
      • Results-Oriented
    • PURE
      • Positively Stated
      • Understood
      • Relevant
      • Ethical
    • CLEAR
      • Challenging
      • Legal
      • Environmentally Sound
      • Appropriate or Agreed
      • Recorded 
  • TIP # 4 - Discipline – You must be disciplined and passionate to get the results you desire in…
    • The way you think
    • Creating good habits
    • Your time & prioritizing 
    • Progress Tracking 
    • Moving forward
    • Personal; Development
    • Implementation & Execution

There are many ways and tips to create your game plan and put the right strategies in place. The above are just a few simple tips to help make your game plan a journey to success.  If you need help to create your game plan, please reach out and schedule a time with me.