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Armand Hebert
Owner Hebert Consulting
Never pass on an invitation! A month ago, I was invited to attend the McKenzie TN Rotary club. Wanting to expand my reach both business wise and within my community, I excepted the invitation and liked the group. Of course,... (More)
Have you heard about our new Kids DISC? We have been getting amazing feedback about it! Our marketing team just finished with the new Kids DISC One-sheet overview that I've attached here. If you would like to learn more about... (More)
Another ask!
Here is a link to 87 Social Media Images regarding DISC, Communication, Leadership, Behavior, Team. Feel free to download Dr. Tony Alessandra's quotes and/or General quotes to use on any Social Media Platform, Emails, etc.

All of last week, I have been asked this question, so I wanted to repost one of my earlier questions... 2 Questions - Q1 - Do you use the 52-week email series? If Yes, answer Question 2, If no, why... (More)